Song and Dance

Both the reception immediately following the wedding ceremony and the reception in Johnston, Iowa the following week will include Sacred Harp singing and contradancing.

These are two activities that we each enjoyed before we met and that we continue to enjoy together. They are participatory activities around which strong communities have formed, and through which we've met many of our closest friends and most interesting acquaintances. Many of our guests are people we think of as singers and/or dancers, and we're sure they'll understand that singing and dancing are the most natural forms of celebration for us. For those friends and family members who aren't yet familiar with these activities, we hope that you'll enjoy the introduction to these activities and communities that are so important to us. Even more, we hope you'll give them a try!

If you'd like to explore -- or even "practice," if you will -- before celebrating with us in August, you can almost certainly find events near you listed on these directories:
Sacred Harp Singings

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